Help Me Identify this Watch Please!!!

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Help Me Identify this Watch Please!!!

this is the one I found online that is the exact same as mne


I bought this lovely Bulova about five years ago. I have no idea what make it is and would like to know. I have only found one picture of the exact same watch but they had no information on it since they sold it. I thought it might be a La Petite but I am not certain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 The back says M5 . I am guessing it was made around 1965. It is 23 jewels. 10k rolled gold plate. One tiny diamond on each side. Number on back of case is V.59079.
 Numbers on inside case are:
m 1.953

46366 L or a 2?



 the face says Bulova and 23
watchophilia watchophilia
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Re: Help Me Identify this Watch Please!!!

Hi, Babs.  That certainly is a lovely watch.  You are correct that "M5" on the case indicates a case manufacture date of 1965.  You would need to look for that same type of code on the movement to know if the movement and case were made the same year.

I agree with you that your watch is likely a La Petite, though I did not find an exact match in the ads.  I did find some ads that are quite close--enough to make you believe yours has to be one of the La Petites--but the lug design appears to be slightly different from the two different La Petite variants shown in the ads below.  The overall shape of the case and the style of the dial are a good match.  Your watch has the characteristics of the LP, i.e., 23-jewel movement, diamonds on the bezel, all white or all yellow case, and the correct time frame for that series.

Here are the close ads that I found:

- Lisa