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All I ask is that you be yourself and have fun.  If things get down and dirty, we'll deal with it--privately and respectfully and figure out together how to solve the problem.  I don't believe in censorship.  I hope that even site moderation will not be necessary.  I think we all know what's acceptable speech in public situations, so that doesn't need to be discussed.

In my view, the content you create on my site is yours--your thoughts, your ideas, your analysis.  If you later want to delete or edit that content for whatever reason, I will respect your right to do so.  I don't want to lose your input, but I will not force you to be here if you have decided to move on.

We're all adults.  Sometimes we'll agree, sometimes disagree.  Sometimes we'll tick off each other.  I think we should all be cool with that.  But bullying and dominating the forums with unsupported opinions won't fly.  We're all still learning about these wonderful watches; none of us is an expert.  So, be as respectful of the opinions of others as you expect them to be of yours, acknowledge what is known versus what is suspected, and provide a basis for your opinions and support for any claims of fact.  If we all do that, then we'll not only get along and have a good time, but we'll also learn a lot along the way.

Enough said.

Welcome to Watchophilia Forums!  Now let's talk!

- Lisa